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effective September, 2019

• Lesson fee will change to $80/hour

Payment may be made by cash, check or credit/debit card, and is expected at the time of the visit. If payment is not made at the lesson, a $5 fee will be assessed for late payment (by mail or at the next meeting).

• A 24-hour advance cancellation notice is required; with less notice, payment for the hour is due

Extraordinary circumstances will be considered when waiving this policy! If you are feeling sick, especially if you think you are contagious, you should not come for your lesson. Please contact me and let me know – if your symptoms have developed suddenly, I may prefer not to see you and will waive the cancellation fee.

• Do not arrive more than 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled time

I will make every effort to start and end lessons on time, including payment and setting a future lesson time. If you happen to arrive more than 5 minutes early to your lesson, please try to wait outside as I may be occupied either with a student or with other business. If it’s within 5 minutes of your time and you can’t wait outside (inclement weather, etc) you may ring the bell.

• Lessons will last one hour, including payment and future scheduling

I try to be generous with my time, so if the previous lesson runs a few minutes late, know that I will endeavor to give you the same courtesy on the other end. Please inform me if you have a hard deadline at the end of your lesson so I can respect your time as well!

• Please use email whenever possible for scheduling

The preferred method of contact for scheduling and notification is email: or If there is a last-minute issue, you may call my home phone: 617-489-3906; but I generally don’t answer this number if I’m in the middle of a lesson. Please don’t call regarding lesson scheduling as I would much rather have a written record of the discussion (helps when there’s confusion!).

• Lessons will be scheduled week-to-week

Due to my complex teaching and performing commitments, it is not possible for me to allot a regular lesson time every week. I will do my best to find lesson times for everyone who wishes, but I need to only schedule one lesson ahead, week-to-week. If you want lessons less frequently or sporadically, that is fine.