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Motet Translations

Heinrich Schütz: "O misericordissime Jesu" SWV 309 - Kleine Geistliche Konzerte I

Prayer based on Meditations of St. Augustine 39:6, 8; 18:2

O misericordissime Jesu,
o dulcissime Jesu,
o gratiosissime Jesu,
o Jesu, salus in te
o Jesu, salus in te
o Jesu, salus ad te
o Jesu, dulcis remissio
omnium peccatorum,
o Jesu, propter nomen sanctum tuum
salve me, ne peream.
O Jesu, miserere,
dum tempus est miserendi,
neque me damnes
in tempore judicandi.
Si enim admisi, unde me
damnare potes,
tu non amisisti,
unde me salvare potes.
Sis ergo mihi Jesus,
propter hoc nomen tuum,
et miserere mei, fac mihi secundum hoc nomen tuum
respice me miserum invocantem hoc
nomen amabile tuum: Jesus.
O most merciful Jesus,
O sweetest Jesus,
O most gracious Jesus,
O Jesus, salvation of those
who hope in you,
O Jesus, salvation of those
who believe in you,
O Jesus, salvation of those
who flee to you;
O Jesus, sweet remission
of all sins,
O Jesus, on behalf of your sacred name
save me, so that I am not lost.
O Jesus, have mercy,
while there is time to be merciful,
Do not condemn me
during the time of judgment.
Even though I am worthy for you
to condemn me,
You do not condemn me,
yet make me worthy to be saved.
Therefore be with me Jesus,
on behalf of your name,
And have mercy on me, let it be for me according to this your name,
Look upon wretched me, invoking this your beloved name: Jesus.