Pamela Dellal, mezzo soprano


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Motet Translations

James Primosch: "Jesu dulcis memoria"

Bernard of Clairvaux

Mezzo-soprano, piano

JESU, dulcis memoria,
dans vera cordis gaudia,
sed super mel et omnia,
eius dulcis praesentia.

Nil canitur suavius,
nil auditur jucundius,
nil cogitatur dulcius,
quam Jesus Dei Filius.

Nec lingua valet dicere,
Nec littera exprimere:
Expertus potest credere,
Quid sit Jesum diligere.

Sis, Jesu, nostrum gaudium,
qui es futurus praemium:
sit nostra in te gloria,
per cuncta semper saecula.

The memory of sweet Jesus
Gives true joy to the heart.
His presence is sweeter than honey,
Greater than all things.

Nothing can be sung about that is more pleasant,
Nothing can be heard that is more joyful,
Nothing can be thought of that is sweeter,
Than Jesus, Son of God.

The tongue cannot say it
The written word cannot describe it
Onnly one adept in faith can believe
What it is to love Jesus.

May You be, Jesus, our joy,
You who are to be our prize.
May we glory in You always
Through every age.