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Motet Translations

Alessandro Grandi: O quam tu pulchra es

Based on Song of Songs 4:1-2,8

O quam tu pulchra es,
Amica mea, columba mea,
Formosa mea
Oculi tui columbarum
Capilli tui sicut greges caprarum
Et dentes tui sicut greges tonsarum.
Veni de Libano, veni coronaberis.
Surge propera, surge sponsa mea,
Surge dilecta mea, immaculata mea,
Surge, veni, quia amore langueo.

O how beautiful you are,
My girlfriend, my dove,
My beautiful one,
Your eyes are those of doves
Your hair is like flocks of goats,
Your teeth are like rows of oars.
Come from Lebanon, come, I will crown you.
Arise quickly, arise my bride
Arise my precious, my spotless one,
Arise, come, because I languish in love.