Pamela Dellal, mezzo soprano


uncommon intelligence, imagination and textual awareness...



Miscellaneous Notes

G.F. Handel: "The Lord is my Light," H. 255 (Chandos Anthem 10)

When Handel first came to London he was introduced to the Duke of Chandos who had the most elaborate and fine chapel music program in England. Handel wrote 11 anthems for this program and its chorus and orchestra. Most of the Anthems are Psalm settings including today's piece, a setting of Psalm 27. While the works occasionally draw upon earlier material, particularly music from Handel's Italian period, there is a bravura freshness to these pieces, and a surprisingly fluent setting of the English language, at that time new to Handel. The text is divided up into short arias and brilliant choruses. Not only did Handel sometimes draw upon previous material but some music from this piece, particularly the soprano aria, shows up later as a large chorus in Israel in Egypt.

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